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child porn charges for a school bus driver right here in the tri-state... (sot)... tonight... parents sound off... look at this car dangle from the fourth level of a parking garage... the hair-raising hangover for the driver. bengals - steelers.... the big winners outside the stadium. watch this... (sot)the motivation behind this attempt to assassinate a police officer. heavy rain heading our way...and some light snow thanks to that low... i'll show you when.9 on your side
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good evening. we have rain and we have snow this weekend. so... we're starting 11 at 11 with first warning chief
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the weekend may begin mostly dry, but a rainy bengals game transitions into light snow by sunday morning. we start our saturday forecast with cloudy chances, rain is likely to move in as we head into the evening hours. expect periods of heavy rain, especially during the game.a cold front will sweep through the tri- state on sunday morning, and the cold air will trigger some mixed rain/snow precipitation
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now on 11 at 11... a man arrested on child porn charges. even more troubling.. he's a school bus driver. now parents across kenton county are wondering if he's had contact with their kids. nine on your side's evan millward spoke with some of those concerned parents tonight. evan millward/evan.millw - kenton county schools confirming friday night derrick becker drove a bus for three different schools for years. unsettling news for parents..pam andrew/parent of two students 4759 it's disturbing, it's not something you want to hear at all.pam andrew has two students - a middle schooler and elementary student - they both ride a bus.upset when we asked her about derrick becker's arrest - accused of
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in a *different county.andrew 4809 i would sincerely hope my kids were not riding his bus. i mean, hopefully they did react as soon as they found out about it.jess dykes/kenton county schools spokeswoman 3931 safety is the number one concern in the kenton county school district and as soon as we were made aware of the serious criminal charges against him, we asked for and received a resignation from him.the district tells nine on your side becker drove buses from may 20-11 to the day he was charged - november tenth, 20-15.he drove routes for scott high school, woodland middle, and ryland heights elementary.nothing came up in his background an accusation shattering confidence of parents - when there are so many drivers they trust with their precious cargo.andrew 4822 it makes you nervous. you have young kids and you never know who and what, whether or not you can trust people these days. you never know where you're going to find out about this these days.evan millward/evan.millw - derrick becker is out of jail after that november arrest. we are still working to get more details
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county authorities. in taylor mill, em, 9oys. tonight on 11 at 11. paul brown stadium is lit up - a beacon of hope and optimism. the wildcard contest with those pittsburgh steelers is now less 24 hours away. the rivalry and the high stakes for both teams is creating other winners in cincinnati right now. nine on your side's ashley zilka has been talking with people who see lots of green in the sea of orange.. black and gold. ashley. you can already feel the excitement down here at the banks. this area is expected to see thousands of people from cincinnati and pittsburgh. and get this- i already found people from other countries who are in town for the big game. the rivalry between the bengals and steelers- well it's intense.but businesses in the banks are ready for the madness. nick ramsey:general manager of holy grail08:30 tomorrow night because of the team we are playing and just all of the momentum, i am
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star weekend. of course there are a lot of people from pittsburgh in town-but they aren't the only ones who bleed black and yellow.16:32 who is your favorite player? ben. big ben. bernie segura:mexico 18:01 it was a very long trip, like 8 hours maybe from mexico to here. 08bar tabs and hotel rooms mean big business for cincinnati this weekend.kris keefe- manager of jefferson social13:57 everybody is really excited. the whole city. you can feel it already. everybody is really pumped up about tomorrow. i am seeing a lot of pittsburgh people roll through already so it should be really fun down here tomorrow. 079 on your side ran into family members of pittsburgh steeler- mike mitchell.tonisha mitchell19:11 my little brother is michael mitchell #23 with the pittsburgh steelers. 1419:32 it's intense. it's intense. it's awesome to be a part of it but it's crazy and insane how intense it is and how much hatred between the two teams and how competitive they are. 42and then there are the benefits that can't be measured in dollars- the exposure the queen city gets from out-of-town visitors. bernie segura:mexico17:50 it's a very nice city. very, very nice. beautiful. we didn't expect this. 54 pleasantly surprised? yes, pleasantly
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thanks to mother nature- bars are expecting even more business. they plan to steal a lot of tailgaters who don't want to be out in the rain. reporting live- ashley zilka- 9 on your side. from rivalry between fans - to rivalry between teams on the field. field. i spoke to former vice president of officiating for the n-f-l and current rules analyst at fox sports mike pereria about that issue. afterall the last time these two teams met up fines totalled 140-thousand dollars. he say officials would prefer to calm things down instead of tossing penalty flags and that the game clock helps with flare ups too. 0720-48 the one thing officials are not going to do is reset the play clock if there's that type of aggression between players. if all of a sudden they have to work for 15 to 20 seconds to
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a sudden the team sees they only have 20 seconds left in the play clock, and they turn around and say reset the play clock - they're going to say sorry not going to do it stay out of these confrontations and you won't have that issue. we have special coverage for the game starts around 7:30... right after the kansas city - texas game here on 9 on your side.and a special hour long edition of "sports of all sorts" follows after nine on your side at 11. now on 11 at 11... the grandparents of two young girls now have temporary custody of them.. after their parents overdosed on heroin at cincinnati children's hospital. hospital. wesley landers was revived and faces numerous criminal charges. his wife, mary ann, died yesterday. they came to childrens from alabama so their seven-month old daughter could have throat surgery. friends of the couple say they had no idea they were using heroin. mary ann's best friend in alabama is stunned at the
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they only thing i can say is that she wouldn't have done this. something is not right. there are a lot of details missing. it needs to be looked into. wesley landers is facing four charges, including possession and having a weapon under disability.his bond is 400- thousand dollars. new on 11 at 11... a police officer crashes.. and is sent to the hospital to be checked happened on hamilton avenue in northside.slick roads because of the rain are being blamed for the accident. a cincinnati dad is accused of leaving his three year old daughter alone so he could go to the casino. kraal wiggins is charged with endangering children. police say he has a gambling addiction. the child was found after a neighbor checked on her at the urging of wiggins' wife. continuing 11 at 11-a north college hill auto shop owner... joe leach.. has passed away 3 days after he was shot trying to get away
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your side's john genovese just spoke with police. surveillance cameras rolling as a shadowy figure crosses simpson avenue--from a different angle - going through the doors of 'leach automotive'-the shop's owner joe was inside "people go to certain extents to get what they want and it's stupid" police say the would-be robber pulled a gun - demanding money. when leach tried to get away "it worries us a lot because he's a neighbor for us - they come and shop here all the time"the gunman then back outside. quickly running from view. "if we are in the same situation that the guy is after three days in the hospital--on friday... extended family members posted this message on a go-fund-me page --in part, saying joe is now with the lord. may god help this family as they grieve the loss of a beloved husband - father - grandfather and best friend anyone could ever have" "we're scared now -
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that was john genovese reporting. anyone with any information to night is being urged to call crimestoppers 352-30-40. its 800 million dollars right now. but you know by the time of powerball drawing tomorrow night... it will be even larger. your odds of winning the powerball jackpot are one in 292- million. but your odds of winning the smallest prize... four dollars.. are roughly one in 38. and your *overall* odds of winning *something* are about one in 25. nine on your side will have the winning numbers for you at 11 tomorrow night.. as your official lottery station. attempted assassination.police say a supporter of isis shoots an officer again and again. life. dangling on the edge. what happened to the driver of this car after they were pulled to safety.
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new mom is saying about a gender test for unborn children. the action she's taking tonight to protect other mothers- to- be. this is where the bengals wanted to be...this is what thoughts on the challenge of sports. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 welcome back startling video tonight of a man opening fire on a philadelphia police officer. police there are calling it an attempted assassination. the gunman had sworn his allegance to isis. police say the chilling video shows edward archer opening fire at point blank range... hitting officer jesse harnett three times in the arm. officer harnett is still able to return fire... and after archer ran away.. he was still
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nats officer: be advised, officer did strike this male. he's also hit.sot - commissioner richard rossthe bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live, undoubtedly saved his life. perhaps ironicially.. police say the gun archer used had been stolen from another officer's home in 20-13. archer took two recent trips to the middle east.. but he was *not* on the terror watch list. also new tonight.. take a look at this.... a close call for an atlanta woman who nearly drove her car off the fourth level of a parking garage. the steel cables did their job... and kept her from plunging to the ground last officer reached over the edge... managed to open the rear left door and pulled the woman to safety. the woman was taken to a hospital for observation and was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.
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a registered sex offender... and say they found a meth lab. marshals say richard saylor didn't tell them where he was living. when they found in him on robertson avenue near 34-th avenue... marshals say they also found a meth lab. new kentucky governor matt bevin says his first goal right now is to get kentucky's financial house in order. bevin says he wants lawmakers at the current general assembly to find solutions to multi- billion dollar shortfalls in the state's pension systems. bevin dismissed a democratic plan to borrow more than three billion dollars to bail out the teacher's retirement system. she was expecting a girl. but gave birth to a boy instead. now.. a mom is suing the company that did the gender test. test.kristine main says she made all kinds of plans based on the belief she was having a girl... paint colors for the room... clothing.. even the child's name.. it was going to be "cadence."then an ultra sound showed she was actually having a boy. main's attorney
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of complaints about the "sneak peek" test. their class action lawsuit demands "sneak peek" end its claim of being 99 percent accurate. "this is emotional torture to people to trick them that their child is going to be a certain gender and its not" not"kristine main says she adores her boy.. named braden. the company did not respond to attempts to reach it by both phone and email. were you hoping to score a ticket to the bengals-steelers wild card playoff game? if you are still on the bubble, 9 is on your side with some good news. news. prices are now plunging as result of tomorrow night's rainy forecast. consumer reporter john matarese found dozens of upper deck seats selling for $75 to $85, well below monday's prices of $120 and higher.lower bowl seats
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weather summary: temperatures will remain mostly steady in the upper 40s right through daybreak. while we start our saturday forecast with cloudy skies and only slight rain chances, rain is likely to move in as we head into the evening hours. expect periods of heavy rain, especially during the game.a cold front will sweep through the tri-state on sunday morning, and the cold air will trigger some mixed rain/snow precipitation around daybreak. as the morning continues, temperatures will fall, and light snow will fall. we are not expecting any significant accumulation. but i would be ready for some slick spots
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tonight in healthly living.... all those fitness apparently fitness d-v-d's may be more harmful than good. good.a team from oregon state university says they can lead to poor body image. researchers say d-v-d's they reviewed gave unrealistic
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sexualized.also.. the instructors frequently made negative comments that fail to take into account the weight and health problems people have. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. what is the thing that most worries the groundkeeper for paul brown stadium? stadium?and a fired up friday night on the high school hoops scene...the highlights are
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good evening was the start of conference play all over the greater cincinnati tonightlet's start in the g-c-l....keenan singleton with a trip to the pitt to watch elder against lasalle-elder's joey sabato is a very crafty the basket...he finishes with the left hand-but you knew lasalle would stay with the panthers in this one. nick watson drives and he banks...elder led by two points at the half.- sabato can score but his real gift is distributing the basektba....he finds ryan custer in the paint.-a bit
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leads the break for the was close..but elder held off the lancers 56 to 50 keenan hightailed it over to moeller...the crusaders starting league play against st x tonight-here's a kid that gave the mighty mo fans plenty to cheer about. trey mcbride throws it off the glass with his left.....he also draws the foul..he had 15 points tonight-mostly moeller tonight....nate georgeton with the pump fake.....then he finishes with the finger roll- more georgeton...he had 14 points...moeller wins with relative ease...and the crusaders improve their record to 11 and one. i snuck away to watch aiken play at woodward.-woodward a little sloppy on the pass inside...aiken gets control..lonnie berry is on the run and lonnnie lights up the aiken crowd-the falcons got up....mark cruz brought the bulldogs back-here's a tough character for aiken..point guard carlik jones....six feet tall and not afraid to drive.-jordan johnson showing a nice tough inside for the bulldogs...but it's aiken that wins 86 to 72.
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kentucky..a hot time in taylor mill tonight-the scott eagles shoot...miss and big josh morrison rebounds for the pioneers...he seem timmy cottrell....who knifes between 3 defenders...but it's scott that wins tonight at home 63 to 60. twas the night before the playoffs and all thru the city....bengal fans want a win...whether it's pretty or gritty. gritty.and why not...this has been another tremdnous regular season.. with 12 wins and only four losses...-but now comes the hard part....the getting over the hump part. a lot of talk about the rain for saturday night.....paul brown stadium is equipped to handle a lot more rain than is
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nine on your side returns
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this friday.we're always weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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